Touchy Taytum’s Snapbacks Sponsors Working On My Fitness Dance Off Competition

Promoting A Healthy And Active Lifestyle

 Get Up, Get Out And Dance, (Join A Gym, Get Physical) 

Free Entry

$1000 Dollar Prize Giveaway

Send in a clip of your dance group’s routine to our Instagram page, with an Youtube attachment of the full video.

We will select 15 videos on the 20th of November and the video with the most likes on our Instagram page by the end of the month, wins the Competition. (Oct 20th-Nov 30th)

The last like/vote will be tallied at 4:00 PM Est., and the Winner will be announced. (Nov.30th)

Our Touchy Taytum YouTube Media Page will also Showcase the 15 Videos selected. Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spread the word on Twitter 😃😂😉